Thomas Vermaelen’s season with Arsenal has seen him making a limited amount of appearances for Arsene Wenger and he already has released statements of the possibility of him leaving the Premier League club at the end of the current campaign with Napoli being a strong candidate on signing him.

The Belgian defender remains unsure whether or not if he will sign a new contract with Arsenal or if he is going to be remaining with the Premier League club for the upcoming seasons.

“I do occasionally have the chance to play, but you must remember that the players in front of me are incredibly fit and play almost all the time”

“Of course I was hoping for more playing time. I do not know whether I will sign a new contract. We’ll see at the end of the season. We are very much in the title race and have a chance of winning the cup. My future is currently not on the agenda. These are worries for later.” Vermaelen said.

Vermaelen has more than 1 year remaining on his contract with Arsenal but he will only stay with the club if he can get guaranteed playing time. If he cannot get a secured spot in the starting lineup of Wenger, it is likely that the 28 years old defender will be leaving the club with Napoli on the horizon.

With the Premier League reaching its last few months, Chelsea and Manchester City are appearing to be the top candidates on winning the Premier League title this season but Arsenal still remains in the running with just a few points behind the top dogs and Vermaelen still has hope that Arsenal can win it.

“All of the teams are strong and every team can beat another. We still have to believe in it. Every game has its own story. It’s a pity that we haven’t played well in the away games against the top teams, but there’s nothing wrong with our mental strength’’. Vermaelen added on.

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