Theo Walcott lost his starting role in England and Arsenal?

Theo Walcott’s poor form might have cost him his spot in the starting position of not only the English national football team but also for Arsenal as he has been dropped for both of his teams and it’s a sign of just how much the 27 year old player has been struggling in recent times

Even though Walcott has not managed to score goals on a consistent basis for Arsenal and he has also been finding it hard to just land a starting spot in the team of Arsene Wenger, Roy Hodgson still decided to call up Walcott for a chance to play with England for their upcoming international friendly games.

England recently played against Germany in a friendly match that resulted with the English side claiming a 3-2 triumph and Theo Walcott was seen on the sidelines as he did not get any actual playing time.

Walcott has been getting significantly less playing time with Arsenal as well as his latest matches with the Premier League club have seen him being dropped to the bench and now Walcott is serving more as a substitute player.

The recent drop of form from Theo Walcott has become even clearer by the fact that his Arsenal teammates are going through a much more better time. Danny Welbeck, Olivier Giroud and Alex Iwobi have all been playing fairly impressively and their uprising has overshadowed Walcott which is why his drop in form has been so obvious.

Alex Iwobi is a 19 year old Nigerian player who has already proved his worth and has secured a spot ahead of Theo Walcott. Iwobi deserves this as the youngster has been superb in almost all of his performances but this also shows the delicate position that Walcott is located in as he can easily be dropped to the sidelines and not only with Arsenal but also with the English national football team.

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