Is Thomas Vermaelen on the move to the Premier League?

Thomas Vermaelen is currently a performer for Barcelona but the Belgian defender is not playing any significant role for the Spanish outfit and rumors are continuously emerging claiming that a transfer to a Premier League club is a realistic and possible outcome.

 Ever since Vermaelen joined Barcelona on August of 2014, he has never truly managed to make an impact in Camp Nou as he is either injured or simply left on the sidelines as a substitute player with very limited time on the actual pitch.

 One of the things that has seriously affected the playing career of Vermaelen is the fact that he has an ongoing injury problem which pops up in different times and distinct clubs.

 In spite of these persistent injury problems that Vermaelen has suffered from throughout the majority of his playing career, there are still clubs rumored to be interested in signing him including: Crystal Palace and West Bromwich Albion.

 Both of those clubs previously mentioned are competing in the top tier English Premier League and making a return to the EPL is something that might benefit him as Thomas Vermaelen has experience after spending 5 seasons wearing the Arsenal jersey.

 It will significantly help Thomas Vermaelen if he decides to make a move away from Barcelona as it’s very likely that he will continue being on the sidelines as an unused substitute player as the main pairing in the heart of Ernesto Valverde’s defence for the new season is expected to be Gerard Pique along with Umtiti.

 The Belgian defender was not featured in either of Barcelona’s recent Super Cup matches against Real Madrid. He was not seen at the sidelines or in the starting XI, it’s expected that he will continue this non-influential role for the rest of his time in Camp Nou which could change if Vermaelen decides to leave the Spanish club.




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